Greenhouse Grocery
The Community Cooperative

The folks at the Greenhouse Grocery believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of high quality, nutritious food. An engaged and empowering community, the Coop encourages the adoption of healthy diets and seeks to serve the entire community by linking people, markets, farmers, artisans and investors. It increases access to fresh, local food through affordable pricing and a convenient, central location.

Invest in Community

You have an opportunity to invest in community. Here's your chance make an investment in local farmers and our local economy ... and earn a better return than you could easily find elsewhere, up to 7%!


Bridging the North and South Sides

Our new, everyday grocery store offers one-stop shopping for mostly organic, local and non-GMO food, with a wide range of affordable options. Equipped with a commercial kitchen and a comfortable, cozy community room, it will have childcare, desks for homework, and healthy snacks. LEED compliant with edible landscaping and six greenhouses, its homegrown food; cooking, nutrition and growing programs; and welcoming ambiance will provide a meeting ground for the entire community.

Invest in Community

The Grocery has enrolled 470 of 750 Members. Banks and CDFI’s will provide loans backed by a USDA loan guarantee. We continue to need community equity, from the City, from Members, and from Impact Investors to build. Please help us build! Consider becoming a member or making an investment that strengthens the fabric of our community.

What does your investment accomplish. By investing, you contribute to the prosperity of our farmers; you build relationships across the economic and cultural spectrum; and you reduce transportation emissions, invest in wise water use, and help rebuild our soils.

Member Owned, Community Driven

The Greenhouse Grocery offers its members the opportunity to participate through ownership, work shifts, work groups, and member meetings. Only members can shop, all are welcome to join! We have special memberships and payment plans for those with modest incomes and disabilities. Grounds and programs are open to everyone.

Fresh and Affordable Food for Everyone!

The Coop nourishes quality of life and community…

    • Green space and homegrown food

    • A sense of belonging

    • Cooperative ownership

    • Family-friendly services

    • Expanded market for our farmers and ranchers

    • Respect for the planet

    • Community partners

    • An opportunity to invest locally

    • One-stop shopping

    • Quality, professional management

    • Cooking & nutritional classes

…and offers many other distinctive features including delicious homemade stocks & sauces, a frozen organic yogurt machine, cozy reading nooks, reduced packaging and food transport miles, featured seasonal produce with recipes and tastings, and green plate specials.